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    Air Fresheners

    Part No. A57 – Air Fresheners are ideal for bin or bucket model central vacuums with filters that seem to retain…

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    Bleeder Valve

    Replacement bleeder valve – covers the hole on your curved wand. This allows you to control the amount of airflow and…

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    Central Vacuums Electron EVS Filter

    Part No. R83 – This Foam filter fits Electron, EVS Central Vacuums and some Hayden Supervac systems. It is breathable and…

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    Curved Wand

    The curved wand (or bent end) screws (anti-clockwise) on to the end of a standard hose…

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    Hayden Cartridge Washable Filter

    Part No. R80 – The Hayden Cartridge Washable Filter is 138mm high x 178mm diameter…

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    Hayden Retainer Plate – Locking Cap

    Part No.R80RP – Replacement retainer plates that fit Hayden and Hill central vacuum systems. There are several different types available…

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    Hose Cuff

    The hose cuff screws (anti-clockwise) onto the end of a standard hose, which turns on as soon as you plug…

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    Hose Joiner

    Threaded both ends This connects two pieces of vacuum hose together to repair a cut or torn hose. Or you…

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    Hose Slip Coupling

    Threaded one end, smooth the other Your main hose can be extended by using this joiner and another piece of…

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    Metal Stub for Blue and Grey Switch Hose Handle

    Part No.R56KMS – Replacement Switch hose metal stub only, these are sold separately or as a package with the Blue and Grey…

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    A muffler on the central vacuum unit decreases the noise from your central vacuum helping to produce a quieter environment…

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    O’ Ring – AVT replacement rubber ring

     Part No. R68 – O’ Ring – AVT replacement rubber ring