Kiwivac Can Service and Repair All Brands Of Central Vacuum Systems

Accessories - Bags

We sell bags for all brands of Central Vacuum Systems that use a disposable bag, you can easily order your bags by FREEPHONE 0800 354 948 or send us an email.

The exclusive ‘Kiwivac Blue Bag’ incorporates our very own micro filter liner making it the best bag for your Kiwivac system. This bag also fits some other brands of Central Vacuums.

Our bag range includes bags for:

  • SmartVac
  • Beam
  • Premier Clean
  • Monarch
  • Astrovac
  • Central Vac International
  • Central Vac
  • DV Ducted Vac
  • DVS
  • Excel
  • Vacumaid
  • Ovis
  • Pullman
  • Kiwivac
  • Mistral Central
  • Vacuum
  • Modern Day
  • Silent Master
  • Silver Fern
  • Eurovac
  • Tellus Central Vacuum
  • Ultra Clean
  • Valdeig
  • Wadvark
  • Zanussi
  • InterVac
  • Cupboard Vac/KitVac
  • and many others

Can’t find what you are after? Contact us and we can help.

  • Part No. A60 ( Part No A19 printed on the bag) – fit 300mm diameter. Power Unit The official disposable bag that fits...

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  • Part No. A64 ( Part No #723MF-5 printed on the bag) -  These large closed microfilter vacuum bags fit big body Kiwivac power...

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  • Part No. A65  - These all-new Hyperflow large open top bags with an elastic top fits MD SilentMaster and Modern Day...

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  • Part No. A66 - These MD White 12 gallon bags are no longer available and have been replaced with Part # A65

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  • Part No. A68 - The Micro-X microfibre bag with a universal fit cardboard surround designed to fit AstroVac, some Zanussi, Smart, Smartvac,...

    Rated 0 out of 5
  • Part No. A69 - This genuine Premier Clean Vacuum bag fits Premier Clean and Monarch and some CycloVac central vacuum systems. The...

    Rated 0 out of 5
  • Part No. A63 - Central Vac International bags have a cardboard ring around the top. They fit Central Vac International and...

    Rated 0 out of 5
  • Part No. A67T -  These open top bags fit the older type Blue Body and White Body Tellus Central Vacuum power...

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  • Part No. A62 - Intervac Vacuum Bags Y08-5

    Rated 0 out of 5
  • Part No. A67 - KitVac Vacuum Bags

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  • Part No. A57 - Air Fresheners are ideal for bin or bucket model central vacuums with filters that seem to retain...

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  • Part No. A58 - The best way to clean the inside of your vacuum hose and pipes is with these free flow...

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