Terms of Service

  • ‘Kiwivac’ is our legal business trading name
  • ‘Kiwivac’ is the name that will appear on cardholder statements
  • ‘Kiwivac’ is the name advised on the payment record
  • ‘Kiwivac’ is the name that will appear on your statement

The legal name Kiwivac’ is registered in New Zealand

The physical address of the Kiwivac’ approved place of business is:
92B Bycroft Rd
New Zealand

The Kiwivac business and customer service details are:
Telephone number: (09) 294 6577
E-mail: info@kiwivac.co.nz

For more information on our Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy etc see https://www.kiwivac.co.nz/privacy-policy/