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Kiwivac Can Service and Repair All Brands Of Central Vacuum Systems

About Kiwivac

Kiwivac Central Vacuums is a New Zealand owned company that has manufactured its own central vacuums for decades. Kiwivac Central Vacuum Systems first opened in Whangaparaoa in 1983, importing vacuum units from America.

In 1992 founder Jim Welsh designed and began manufacturing the Kiwivac brand of Central Vacuum Systems right here in NZ, creating a New Zealand owned and operated company that still stands today.

Kiwivac became so well known and popular that a dealer network was established to cover the country. A couple of years later, Kiwivac became the largest manufacturer of Central Vacuums in NZ. More than 15,000 systems have been installed in homes and businesses. For the past 5 years we have been New Zealand’s only Central Vacuum manufacturer.

William and Michelle

In 1999 Jim retired and sold the business to the current owners, William and Michelle, who moved the manufacturing to Drury, South Auckland.

The AVT-Advanced Vacuum Technologies power units were added in 2009, with their unique stainless steel shrouds and slide plates that allow for easy dust compartment emptying.

The central vacuum industry has always been our number one passion and focus. Our company has gained a great deal of knowledge about all aspects of central vacuums, homeowners’ needs, cleaning dynamics, and product engineering over the past two decades.

Making a Difference

We are committed to providing reliable and friendly customer service while providing quality products and accessories.

With your Central Vacuum System, you can trust us to create a pleasant experience for you.

  • Kiwivac is built to last a lifetime
  • Where possible, materials used in our manufacturing process are recycled
  • We use environmentally-friendly bags
  • Kiwivac AVT power units are serviceable and able to be recycled

New Zealand Made

Licence Number: 800227

We know the central vacuum industry inside and out.

Kiwivac is the only central vacuum company made in New Zealand. We have been making our own unit for over 28 years and have been installing systems since the early 1980’s.

Manufacturing our own systems give us the opportunity to make a system for your individual needs. While giving you the assurance you will always be able to get replacement parts for your Kiwivac systems. We are not dictated by what an overseas manufacturer makes and what spare parts they carry. 

The Kiwivac AVT range of systems is uniquely tailored to the New Zealand environment, combining Kiwi ingenuity with New Zealand parts and labour wherever possible.

Your Kiwivac AVT expert is your one-stop-shop for:

  • Advice on the best system for your needs
  • Service of any brand of central vacuum system
  • Clearing blockages and repairing pipe networks
  • Supply and installation of parts and accessories
  • Repairs of hoses and supply and fix hoses and accessories
  • Leak testing of central vacuum systems

Comprehensive Guarantee

Be Assured with our Comprehensive Guarantee A professionally installed Kiwivac AVT Central Vacuum System is backed by our comprehensive guarantee, including customer satisfaction.
  • 90-day money-back satisfaction guarantee
  • 5-year full parts and labour on all power Units
  • 5-year replacement on all inlets
  • 1-year replacement on our toolsets
  • Limited lifetime guarantee on the Pipe Network (when installed by an authorised Kiwivac AVT installer)
Unlike other central vacuum system providers, you are not obliged to pay for yearly servicing. This is because our central vacuums are so robust. Unlike other brands, ours does not void its warranty if it isn’t serviced.

Why Choose Kiwivac

Extensive Warranties

Even the most expensive portable vacuum cleaners come with just a 24-month warranty and a list of exclusions! Kiwivac Central Vacuums offer a comprehensive five-year warranty. Our vacuums are manufactured in New Zealand to the highest standards and designed to provide many years of hassle free vacuuming.


What’s more, unlike other central vacuum systems, there is no obligation on you to pay for services as a condition of your warranty.


Since we manufacture our own systems, we are confident in their quality.

Save Money and Time

A Kiwivac system is more affordable than you would expect and will save you money long ­term.


It’s worth considering when you think about how many portable vacuum cleaners you’ll buy over the years and at what cost.

With the power unit (dust collection part) being powder-coated steel or Stainless Steel they are more durable and longer-lasting.


Less time is spent vacuuming because the suction is much more powerful than that of the average portable vacuum cleaner. What’s more, you’ll only need to empty your Kiwivac or change the bag a couple of times a year!

Better For Your Home

Lugging around heavy portable vacuums puts your walls and furniture at risk. It’s easy to bump into objects if you aren’t paying attention to your manoeuvring.


Kiwivac uses lightweight, pliable hoses that are very easy to move. It is much easier to vacuum stairs without lifting a vacuum up and down.

Better For Your Health

Kiwivac systems can reduce allergens in the home by 52%, offering relief to anyone with allergies, asthma or eczema. Dirt, dust, and dust mites are removed and contained in a secure unit in the garage, reducing the following triggers:

  • Asthma
  • Allergies
  • Breathing conditions
  • Skin conditions
No Dust, Fumes or Particles

Kiwivac Central Vacuums do not blow air, dust, or particles back into the room being cleaned. Because the power unit is installed in the garage or under the house, 100% of vacuumed dust and dirt is removed from your living areas.


In contrast, portable vacuums admit air, so fine particles are redistributed back inside the home. They can also smell, as the dirt is contained in the vacuum, which is used inside living areas.

The Most Hygienic Central Vacuum System

Dust Mites and Allergens are Extracted from the Home


House dust mites and their excrement are one of the most common causes of allergies. A home provides a comfortable living environment. Homes have an enjoyable temperature and high relative humidity.


These conditions, however, also encourage house dust mites to flourish. House dust mites are present in every household.


Mites do not contain allergens, but their excrement does, which triggers asthma, eczema, and allergic inflammation of nasal mucous membranes. Allergic mite excrement gradually deteriorates into extremely small particles. Eventually, the allergenic dust becomes airborne and we breathe it in.


A portable vacuum blows air out, which redistributes fine particles back into the home. A central vacuum does not stir up dust in the home, and 100% of dirt, dust, and allergens are extracted into a secure unit in the garage.


As you empty your Kiwivac, you will not be exposed to these allergens, which is not the case with other brands of central vacuum cleaners.


The house dust mite lives for about four months. During this period, it produces about 200 times its weight in excrement and lays up to 300 eggs. As a result, the concentration of allergens in a room increases exponentially within a very short period of time. Even with regular and thorough house cleaning, dust particles and human skin scales accumulate continuously. These human and animal skin scales provide the primary nutrition for mites, as well as fungal moulds. House dust mites have an average size of 0.3mm. A mite could fit inside the dot at the end of this sentence.


However, with a Kiwivac AVT central vacuum, all dust mites and their allergens that are vacuumed up are removed from the living area for good!

Easy To Use and Hygienic To Empty

You won’t get a face full of dust when emptying our vacuums!

Kiwivac offers two of the most hygienic and easy-to-use emptying methods.


  1. Bagged System – Others do not promote or really sell bagged systems. If you want a bag, they sell bags to go with their bagless systems. Our micro-filtered sealed bag system completely eliminates dust.
  2. Bagless Systems – Our patented AVT Slide Plate system is the world’s most hygienic bagless system.

Both systems are a breeze to empty. The vacuum system will also protect you from dust and allergens when you empty it – unlike other central vacuum systems.

Far Better Suction

The suction power of vacuum cleaners is measured in air watts. A top of the line portable vacuum is 250 air watts, while ours range anywhere between 461 – 868 air watts.


Imagine how much more dirt, dust and mites you’ll be vacuuming up with 2 – 3 ½ times the suction power!

Less Time Vacuuming

Because the suction is so much stronger than an average portable vacuum cleaner, you spend less time vacuuming.


Kiwivac systems only need to be emptied a couple times a year, so you save time that way too!

Retrofitting Is Easy

Our technicians can retrofit central vacuum systems more than 90% of the time. Using the corners of wardrobes, cupboards and pantries, we can install pipes discreetly without any damage.


The backing plates that go into the wall/floor are made of steel. Our Kiwivac inlets have more substance on the backside of the inlet to make them strong enough to withstand foot traffic etc. 

Other companies use plastic backing plates that go into the wall. We have ours especially made here and are more robust.

Spare Parts and Accessories Available

We tend to carry a large stock/range of all our accessories and spare parts and if we can’t supply we tend to give you a temporary one where possible until we can get the piece in.