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Have Very Poor Suction – could be your have the wrong vacuum head

Not all vacuum heads are made the same. They might look the same or similar, but the internals are not the same.

A lady rang to say ‘she had bought a new vacuum head from a large box store but now her central vac has very poor suction’. One of our technicians went to her home and found the central vacuum had great suction. However when her new vacuum head was on, the suction dropped right off. She tried one of our new vacuum heads and had excellent suction. She bought the new vacuum head there and then!! (One very happy customer).

If you have a central vacuum system that isn’t sucking very well, give us a call it could be as simple as replacing the vacuum head/floor tool. Or you might need to change the disposable bag, empty the dust bucket emptied, or change / clean the cloth or cartridge filter.

In a bagless central vac system the self-cleaning filter might need a good clean or be replaced. Bag-less Centralvacs tend to need more servicing than bagged Centralvacs to keep the system working at 100%. Whereas a Kiwivac central vac that takes a bag doesn’t generally require servicing. Other brands of bagged central vac can require servicing as the filtration isn’t the same as a Kiwivac bagged system.

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