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Before you replace you existing Central Vacuum system give us a call. We could to save you money by repairing your existing vacuum unit.

Whether the motor has stopped working, it makes an awful sound and/or there is a burning smell or it isn’t sucking like it used to. If the motor has stopped it’ll be about a 1/3 of the cost of a new power unit to replace. And it will be back like before the motor went, or in some cases, will have better suction than it did originally.

If the suction has dropped off it could be one of many reasons

  1. A blockage in the hose.
  2. A blockage in the pipe work in the wall.
  3. An inlet has been left open or is broken.
  4. The lid or bucket aren’t on properly.
  5. The bag or bucket is full and needs emptying.
  6. The vacpan in the kitchen is open or has something stuck in it etc. Contact us on 0800 354 948 to get it sorted.
If you need a new system:

Our systems require no ongoing maintenance. Even though the initial outlay for one of our systems can be more than some of our competitors we will provide you with a system that requires no regular servicing. Saving you money in the long run!! We have systems that are over 20 years old that are still going as well as the day they were first installed. We never sell systems that are underpowered for your home just to make a sale! Contact us today on 0800 354 948 for a free quote or to answer your queries about central vacuum systems.

We service and problem solve all brands of Central Vacuums including these listed below:

5 Star, Aertecnica, Astrovac, Auskay, AVT, Beam, Canavac, Centralvac International, Centuri, CV Direct, Compact2, Cyclovac, DVS. EasyVac, Elantra, Electron, Electrolux, Eurovac, EVS, Excel, Hayden, Hayden Supervac, Hills, Hoover, InterVac, LaserVac, LaVac, Lux Vac, LuxVac. Maxvac, Modern Day, Monarch, Nilfisk, Ovis, Premier, Premier Clean, Pullman, Silver Fern SuperVac, Smart, Smartvac, Silent Master. Tellus, Tornado, Ultra Clean, UltraVac, Vacumaid, Valdeig, Volta, Wadvark, Wardvak, and Zanussi.

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