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A prospective customer that we have quoted a Central Vacuum system for had the following comments and questions:

We have a central vacuum system where we are currently renting until our house is built. The suction is useless so we don’t use it.
Not all Central Vacs are the same. Here are many reasons why the suction may be poor/low in the house you’re currently renting

  • The filters are blocked – depending on the type of system it is
  • The system need servicing – some systems need regular servicing to keep them working at their best
  • There could be an air leak somewhere or an inlet that is leaking air
  • The machine installed may be under-powered for the sized house. We ‘don’t sell units that we wouldn’t be happy with in our own homes’ and give a 100% guarantee that we will upgrade you to the next power unit it you are not happy with the one we install. We would never will sell you a system that aren’t powerful enough for the size home, just to get the sale.
  • The vacuum head may be the wrong one for the type of carpet that is in the home you are renting.
  • There may be insufficient inlets installed in the house, therefore the hose may be over the optimum length of 9 metre. When a hose is over 9 metres you do lose some suction. We don’t sell hoses or quote systems with hoses longer than 9 metres unless we really have to due to the layout of the house.
  • There is a blockage in the hose or pipework. 99.9% of the time this is very easy to sort out.

Is suction good on the Kiwivac KB2 you have quoted?

We recommend the disposable bag system, as there are no bins of dust and dirt to dispose of or tip out and get a face full of dust when you empty them. Bagged systems have the cleanest emptying systems, and every time you change the bag you are changing the primary filter. Your Kiwivac goes back to the original suction you had when it was first installed. Yes, bags are an ongoing cost at $9.00 per bag, and we say the average bag lasts 6 months. Most people find their bag lasts a lot longer. Some last as long as 15–18 months depending on the size of the home and how many live in it.

An example is a 200sqm home with 3 people and a long-haired cat go through a bag every 12 months on average. You only need to change the bag when you notice the suction has dropped. At this stage, the bag in the dust compartment will be full or almost full. There is no need to change it more often.

We also offer a Bag-less system which has a Slide Plate emptying system, for people who prefer not to have disposable bags. Our bag-less system has the cleanest emptying system out of all the bag-less systems on the market. As you attach a rubbish bag to the bottom of the unit, using the large ‘O’ ring provided, just below the slide plate. Pull out the slide plate and all the dust and dirt fall directly into the attached rubbish bag. No open bins full of dust to empty and get covered in dust. It is recommended you empty this system 3 – 4 times a year.

We have had many repeat customers who once they have installed a Kiwivac system call us to install them into their new builds or to install them into the existing homes they have purchased that don’t have a system in them.

We have had customers who have previously had other brands of central vacuums and put our systems in. Ours have outperformed their previous brands and they have contacted us to let us know how happy they are with their Kiwivac.

If you would like to read some of the comments we get from our customers please go to our testimonials page on our website

And how long is the hose? There’s quite a bit of distance between each inlet in terms of the size of the hose.

We quote for a 9-metre hose and install inlets around the house so you can reach all areas comfortably with a 9 metre hose. This can mean adding more inlets than our competitors do, but we want to give you the best experience we can with your vacuum system. We find people generally don’t like having longer hoses as they can start to become cumbersome to use. You lose most of your suction in the hose, not in the pipe runs in the walls.

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