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All central vac systems aren’t the same, some are good and some aren’t so good!

Here’s proof that our Kiwivac AVT power units are better than others on the market. We removed Sarah’s existing central vacuum unit, which Sarah wasn’t happy with. Replacing it with one of our Kiwivac vacuum units. Nothing else was done, just a straight swap onto her existing pipework.

We changed our central vacuum system to Kiwivac after moving into a new build 2 years ago, where a different system had been supplied by the builder. 

There was no comparison on how much better Kiwivac was to the other system which was not performing. The service for Kiwivac was also exceptional. 
We already knew Kiwivac was reliable after living in a 12-year-old home with a Kiwivac system that always worked well previously. Sarah H”

Thank you,

Unfortunately, people don’t realise there is a difference in the various makes/brands available. They sometimes just go for the cheapest one thinking they all do the same thing. They don’t all do the same thing, some have better suction and last longer and need less ongoing maintenance. There is a difference with some do a better job and have better hoses and accessories than others,  and are made to last a lot longer. Once someone has experienced a bad central vac they think all Central Vac systems aren’t great. It’s like all things there are good ones and bad ones. Everything isn’t equal and within reason, you get what you pay for!

We at Kiwivac pride ourselves on supplying you with a system that you will be happy with. Giving you both good suction and the highest quality of the hose and accessories available in New Zealand. Check out our testimonial page on our website Testimonials

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