Deluxe Switch Hose –10.6 metres

Part No. A5 (10.6 metres) – A lightweight hose that gives you the convenience of turning your system…

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Part No. A5

  • A lightweight hose that gives you the convenience of turning your system on and off at the handpiece, there is no need to go back to unplug the hose when you want to turn it off.
  • These hoses have a 360° swivel handle to eliminate your hose twisting and kinking and is compatible with all brands of wall inlets that have two small contacts in the hole where the hose is plugged into.
  • Remember to always remove the wands from the hose when you have finished vacuuming.
  • Hose socks are available to protect your walls and furnishings whilst vacuuming.

Please Note:
We stock replacement switch hose handles for switch hoses and replacement switches if your switch hose handle has broken or the switch hose switch has stopped working. Click on the link to see the parts available. If you can’t see your handle there give us a call on 0800 354 948 or Contact us as we do have other types of handles available.

** Please measure your existing hose before contacting us so you know how long your replacement hose needs to be. **

Please Note: You can not order online. To place an order please phone 0800 354 948 for your local supplier or contact your local dealer by phone or email through our find a dealer page